In the midst of the over 7 billion people in this world…

A trendsetter is not what people expect them to be, instead, he or she stands apart from the crowd and challenges the status quo.

A trendsetter is a visionary, a thought leader, a motivator, a go-getter.

A trendsetter starts movements.

A trendsetter walks by faith, not by sight and sees the world through a different lens.

A trendsetter is an action-taker who blazes the trail and paves the way.

A trendsetter seeks enlightenment and wisdom so that he or she can understand the bigger picture.

A trendsetter doesn’t seek motivation from outward influences but instead finds inspiration and becomes intrinsically motivated because of it.

A trendsetter is a well-rounded individual who is obsessed with ascending into the greatest person they are capable of becoming

A trendsetter is not in it for the glory or recognition but for the betterment of humanity.

Most will call a trendsetter crazy but when they finally see the outcome of a trendsetter’s work they swallow their words and choose to follow the path the trendsetter blazed.

A trendsetter is passionate and believes strongly in a benevolent cause.

A trendsetter bleeds for his beliefs because he is committed, dedicated, disciplined and inspires others to do the same.

A trendsetter is influential and pushes others to achieve their full potential.

A trendsetter rises above the expectations of others

A trendsetter lives a life in the service of others and stands for a benevolent cause.

A trendsetter cares for their friends and family and does what ever it takes to make sure they are okay.

A trendsetter does not fear the critics and does not let the opinions of doubters manipulate him or her to stop chasing his or her dreams and ideas.

A trendsetter is courageous and makes the hard decisions so that others don’t have to and solves the problems that others can’t.

A trendsetter is generous, charitable & philanthropic.

A trendsetter does not care about pleasing the crowd but instead influences them to follow.

A trendsetter creates, invents, dissects, analyzes, tinkers & innovates.

A trendsetter is someone who; self-educates and seeks the knowledge and wisdom from those who came before.

A trendsetter is resourceful, and will always find a better way

A trendsetter invests in himself and in others around him because he or she sees their potential.

A trendsetter seeks legacy and desires to be remembered for all the good he or she has done in the world after he or she has returned to dust.

A trendsetter respects other races, cultures, religions, countries and points of view.

A trendsetter shares his knowledge with the world for the greater good of humanity

A trendsetter desires to unify the world through peace, love, and prosperity.

A trendsetter is a genius in his own right

A trendsetter never quits, he or she perseveres.

A trendsetter is a warrior

A trendsetter is an artist.